Hey! Welcome to Team Dymphy Fit!

We are Bas, Babs, Max en Dymphy. We will shortly introduce ourselves to you below and share our experience and background in sports, training and coaching.

Advanced Personal Trainer

Babs Molenaar

Hey! My name is Babs Molenaar. Clients say I’m a great listener and compassionate. One word to describe myself: curious. I’m always looking for new information and trying to understand why people do what they do. The same goes for sports: why does someone move the way one does? What is the purpose of this exercise? And what motivates people to move better?

I have loved sports ever since I was young, which is why I’ve done CIOS for 4 years to graduate as a “lifestyle coach”. CIOS is a study program focussing on sports, health and movement.

In these 4 years I’ve specialized in several fields:
– Sports for people with a physical/mental disability;
– Sports for people with a chronic illness;
– Teaching sports classes in third world countries;
– Giving sports massages;
– But most of all, I’ve focused on fitness/strength training.

After the CIOS I did Milo Education & Performance @miloeducation to call myself “Advanced Personal Trainer” and to gain even more knowledge and skills.

My goal as a trainer is not only to teach you how to move better and to make you stronger, but also to make you experience joy in training.


  • I’m a first year Bachelor Physiotherapy student
Advanced Personal Trainer

Bastiaan IJsselstein

Hi! I’m Bastiaan IJsselstein, but you can just call me Bas. I’m 24 and I’m living in IJmuiden with my partner. Currently I’m finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Conflict Studies at Utrecht University. Although my studies have taught me a lot, I decided to turn my passion into my career and fully focus on sports.

Until my 14th I was never really into sports, but in the past 10 years I have gained a lot of experience in different types of sports and movement. Coaching and training others has always been something I enjoy a lot, and as such has been a recurring theme in my life. I’ve been a:

– Aikido instructor
– Yoga teacher
– Rowing coach

I have a sports background in all of the above and CrossFit. I’m a certified Milo Performance & Education “Advance Personal Trainer”.

Because of this diverse background in sports I am able to create a highly diverse and Personal Training programme for my clients. My programming is focused on safety, fun and efficiency.

I thoroughly enjoy watching my clients improve and reach their goals with my help and guidance. Nothing makes me happier than a happy client!


  • I’m writing my thesis to finish off my Bachelor degree in Conflict Studies

Advanced Personal Trainer

Max van Schaik

Hi, I’m Max van Schaik. My athletic career began when I was sixteen, when I moved to Spain to play professional basketball. I actively pursued a career in basketball until I was 27 and as a player I had the opportunity to experience a lot within different teams and countries. 

Because of this I have worked with a lot of different people like trainers, coaches, physiotherapists and such over the years. Working with these people from different backgrounds and specialties was always very interesting to me. The different perspectives and the collaboration between these people on physical and mental performance were inspiring to me and made me realize I was interested in becoming a trainer and have led me to complete the Advanced Personal Trainer education Milo Performance & Education. 

As a trainer I take everything that I have learned in my past as an athlete into account when I work. One of the things I myself have found to be very beneficial is to train strength in combination with stability. I like to focus on this in training because these factors strengthen each other. 

In our training I personally think it is important to have a long-term goal in mind, but to focus on the small steps and make them measurable in our plan that we set up together. When you train consistently you will start to experience progress, which ensures that training remains fun and shows you that you can achieve much more than you thought. Our training will contribute to your growth, both physical and mental. Together we will set up a personal plan to achieve your specific goals and who knows what more you might achieve. 


  • I’m working on building my Personal Client base and being the best trainer I can be.
Master Personal Trainer

Dymphy de Jong

Hey! I’m Dymphy de Jong, Personal Trainer & coach since 2014. It is my passion to make you feel strong. I’m enthusiastic, mindful and committed to coach you to feel powerful, confident and fit.


  • Master Sociology, University of Amsterdam
  • Intercultural communication courses, University of Amsterdam & University of La Laguna
  • Fit!vak Fitnesstrainer A
  • Fit!vak Fitnesstrainer B
  • AALO HIT Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • Blaze Instructor (High Intensity Training, HIT)
  • Stages Flight Cycling Instructor
  • Broga Instructor (Yoga & strength training)
  • Advanced Personal Trainer, Milo Education, EREPS certification: the European Register of Exercise Professionals
  • Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within – personal development course
  • Tony Robbins’ New World, New You – personal development course
  • Coach de Coach, Inner Flame Coaching


  • ICM Coaching course, NOBCO


How I transformed from chubby girl to Sporty Spice!

When I was a little girl, I enjoyed sports but I definitely wasn’t the best at PE. I have practiced many sports, like gymnatics, tennis, streetdance, figure skating and soccer. I often felt “fat” and wanted to lose weight to accept myself.

At age 15 I started with fitness: circuit training for women. When I felt confident enough, I started Fitness by myself at BasicFit. Soon I found out I didn’t really know what to do with all the machines. I felt insecure, but learned a lot by readying and training with others.

A few years later I started kickboxing. And immediately I was hooked! The technical and intense training taught me respect, discipline and team spirit. I trained at FittClub Diemen (before called SanMac Sports and SuperFit Diemen) for 7 years. The oldschool kickboxing, MMA, Bootcamp, Kettlebell and CrossPower trainingen shaped me both mentally and physically.

During those years I learned that I was stronger than I thought. I remember vividly that Planking for 1 minute was a HELL! And a Push Up? Haha, I could only fall on my face! However, I enjoyed training so I was consistent and got better. I learned a lot about nutrition through endless self-study. And when I finally found out that I could lose weight – the girls that always told herself she couldn’t – I started to really believe in myself: in my power and perseverance.

This boost of confidence made me grow into an example for others. And so I became a Personal Trainer.

Since 2014 I have been doing Fitness, Booty building, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Since 2018 I’m obsessed with CrossFit and doing competitions.