Hey! I’m Dymphy de Jong, Personal Trainer & coach since 2014. It is my passion to make you feel strong. I’m enthusiastic, mindful and committed to coach you to feel powerful, confident and fit.


  • Master Sociology, University of Amsterdam
  • Intercultural communication courses, University of Amsterdam & University of La Laguna
  • Fit!vak Fitnesstrainer A
  • Fit!vak Fitnesstrainer B
  • AALO HIT Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • Blaze Instructor (High Intensity Training, HIT)
  • Stages Flight Cycling Instructor
  • Broga Instructor (Yoga & strength training)
  • Advanced Personal Trainer, Milo Education, EREPS certification: the European Register of Exercise Professionals


How I transformed from chubby girl to Sporty Spice!

When I was a little girl, I enjoyed sports but I definitely wasn’t the best at PE. I have practiced many sports, like gymnatics, tennis, streetdance, figure skating and soccer. I often felt “fat” and wanted to lose weight to accept myself.

At age 15 I started with fitness: circuit training for women. When I felt confident enough, I started Fitness by myself at BasicFit. Soon I found out I didn’t really know what to do with all the machines. I felt insecure, but learned a lot by readying and training with others.

A few years later I started kickboxing. And immediately I was hooked! The technical and intense training taught me respect, discipline and team spirit. I trained at FittClub Diemen (before called SanMac Sports and SuperFit Diemen) for 7 years. The oldschool kickboxing, MMA, Bootcamp, Kettlebell and CrossPower trainingen shaped me both mentally and physically.

During those years I learned that I was stronger than I thought. I remember vividly that Planking for 1 minute was a HELL! And a Push Up? Haha, I could only fall on my face! However, I enjoyed training so I was consistent and got better. I learned a lot about nutrition through endless self-study. And when I finally found out that I could lose weight – the girls that always told herself she couldn’t – I started to really believe in myself: in my power and perseverance.

This boost of confidence made me grow into an example for others. And so I became a Personal Trainer.

Since 2014 I have been doing Fitness, Booty building, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Since 2018 I’m obsessed with CrossFit and doing competitions.