Could you be taking better care of yourself? Would you like to experience more energy throughout the day? We hear this more often! A lot of people feel like they could improve their health, but don’t find the time or way to do so. Days fly by. And sometimes at the end of the day you think: “I also have to go to the gym… But when?” And because of lack of time you chose a take-away meal.

You actually know what “healthy” is. But you’re not really living a healthy lifestyle to the fullest yet. Interesting, right? You’re so successful in your life, but haven’t tackled this one yet. You could do better.

Together we create a routine of:

  • Consistent training;
  • Counscious food choices with some treats;
  • Habits for positive and strong thinking.

Achieve results that you will enjoy for a long time.
No quick fix, but consistent training for a healthy body and a strong mindset.

Video by FourBentCorners

You can do more than you think: in training and in daily life.
Get empowered!

Become the best version of yourself by:

You can expect professional technical, safe and constructive support from our team.
We coach in an holistic way focussing on how you feel, think and act.
We’re working on your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.

Train hard, with good technique and a big smile (after 😉)


Client Maartje (40) was doing Bootcamp for some years. She joined Dymphy’s bootcamp and then went for personal training and found a new sport: kickboxing!

Maartje set a goal to gain confidence and get a flat stomach. She gained control over her nutrition while enjoying treats. And achieved the weight loss goal!

She became mentally & physically stronger to take on her personal and professional life with leadership.

Lastly, her kids love to join the workouts. We have so much fun together while playing physical games!

Client Alex (63) became fit after 60!

Alex has gone through a beautiful transformation of his lifestyle. First he started to move by himself: biking more and paying attention to his nutrition. When we started strength & conditioning training he got excited. He lost 5 kg and added swimming, rowing, and gym workouts to his weekly schedule. And even picked up running. Resulting in running his first 5km competition together for his 62nd birthday! 

Fun fact: Alex is super playful. Whenever he is at Gym Base he points at equipment and asks: “What can you do with this?” Resulting in fun variations in training, additional to his program.
Client Mariëlle (49) suffered from servere hip dysplasia. She experienced pain when walking, taking the stairs and putting on jeans. As a 40+ model, she was struggling with pain in her daily life. Doctors recommended either an operation or maybe, just maybe training could help.

Flash forward, Mariëlle now has almost no pain, improved hip mobility and overall strength. Her confidence has grown and she can now enjoy long working days on set!

Client Tess (19) has been training with me since she was 15 years young. I remember one of our first training sessions. Tess was doing a Lat Pull Down and just chasing through the exercise without any control or awareness of movement. So afraid, that she just wanted the struggle to be over before it started.

Through a process of many challenges, she became a strong lifter & cardio beast. Deadlifting 122.5kg, loving handstands, the Assault Bike & Burpees! Crazy, right? 

How did she overcome her fear of failure? By consistently showing up, daring greatly & using the mantra “I can do it!”

Now she’s started her studies in Groningen. At one of the welcoming days she joined a row challenge for fun. This was organized by the rowing club to recruit new students. A competition: 1km row for time. So guess what happened? Tess won!

She’s now into rowing as her new sport.
Client Emma (32) has been training with me since 2017. At the start her upper body and hips were stiff, but through yoga & personal training she became more flexible!

She also wanted to get stronger. She was doing push ups with her hands elevated on a bench. And as you can see in the video, she now does them on the ground! 

Lastly, Emma loves to set lifestyle goals, like conscious eating and reading 12 books per year. During our weekly training we review her goals and progress. She has made huge improvements in her health & self care!