Do you want to feel strong, confident and fit?

Achieve results that you will enjoy for a long time.
No quick fix, but consistent training for a healthy body and a strong mindset.

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You can do more than you think: in training and in daily life.
Get empowered!

Become the best version of yourself by:

You can expect professional technical, safe and constructive support from me.
I coach in an holistic way focussing on how you feel, think and act.
We’re working on your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.

Train hard, with good technique and a big smile (after 😉)


Client Maartje (40) loves kickboxing in Vondelpark.

Client Alex (63) became fit after 60!

Client Mariëlle (49) overname hip dysplasia!

Client Tess (17) feels strong, confident and comfortable in her body.
Client Emma (32) is inspired & motivated by Personal Training to set the tone for the rest of the week.