Personal Training is working out and coaching personalized to your goals and needs.

We will start with a 60 minute free intake to find out your goals, challenges, medical and sports history, and practical matters. We will propose an ideal situation and then create a realistic plan.

The first training session is an assessment of your body metrics (body weight and circumferences), movement patterns,  balance, strength and endurance. Afterwards I create a periodization in which we work towards your goals. We train preferably 1-4 times a week and regularly repeat the tests.

I help you to stick to your workout routine and to create healthy lifestyle habits that don’t take much effort. During your training sessions you learn how to perform exercises with good technical form and how to do it yourself in the gym. I push you into feeling comfortable in the uncomfortable.

You will find out:

  • How STRONG you are
  • That you can DO WAY MORE than you thought you could
  • That you feel FIT & FANTASTIC!

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