In the Dymphy Fit app you can easily book your Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching sessions. In the webshop below you can purchase credits to book your sessions in the schedule.

Personal Training

A Personal Training Package of 10 sessions is including access to the Dymphy Fit app with online workout routines for when we’re not training together and general nutrition coaching during the workouts.

All the prices are for 10 sessions of 60 minutes

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training €90 per session (incl. BTW)
  • Duo Personal Training €120 (incl. BTW)
  • Small Group Training tarting from €150 per session (incl. BTW)

Nutrition Coaching

The Nutrition Coaching intake is included a personalized nutrition document with calorie intake, meal and snack suggestions and recipes. The follow up appointment is including an update of your nutrition document, measurements and goal setting.

  • Intake of 90 minutes €120 (incl. BTW)
  • Follow up appointment of 60 min €90 (incl. BTW)

Dymphy Fit App

In the Dymphy Fit app you can:

  • Schedule your Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching sessions
  • Keep track of your credits and bookings
  • Get free workout programs
  • Track your progress
  • Join challenges

The free app offers generic workout programs for in the gym and on holiday, with and without equipment. The workout schedules include exercises with instructions and videos.


Do you want to get more results? With the PRO-membership you have access to the Nutrition App, all the work-out plans, all the excercises and the processtracker to keep track of your pogress.

The Nutrition App gives you a overview of what your eating, your calorie intake and macronutriënts (carbs, proteins and fats). Along with Dymphy Fit you get insight into what works well and what you could go better, to ensure that your body gets what it needs and deserves!

You can find your workout schedules in the app, including videos and technical instructions. You also have access to all PRO exercises in the activity calendar.

In the Progress Tracker we keep track of your body weight, abdominal circumference and performance. In the graph view, for example, you can see how many Push Ups you were able to do before and now, and how many pounds you have lost.

All the above additional functions are available in a PRO membership for only € 14.99 a month. A minimum duration of 3 months applies to membership. After that, the membership can be canceled monthly. You can cancel the membership via the app before the 14th of the month, for the following month.