Coaching helps to (re)discover your inner peace, strength and wholeness. You will find answers to your questions and challenges. And you will create space to process pain of your personal themes. In coaching personal leadership is key to improve your self-insight and autonomy. Together we will seek to find ineffective thoughts and behavioural patterns. You will learn to deal with pain and work towards solutions to strengthen your personal leadership.

Dymphy is experienced in coaching various topics and themes: self love, romantic love, emotions, vitality and lifestyle. Below you will read more about lifestyle coaching.

Lifestyle coaching

You know what “healthy” means, but often times ignore the supposed “good things for you”. You’re aware that it’s healthy to walk, but are glued to your desk during the workday. You know it’s healthy to go to the gym, but often find yourself on the couch instead. And yes, you should be on your phone less, but keep looking at it anyway.

Knowing is not the same as doing!

In lifestyle coaching we focus on doing. A vital lifestyle excists of nutrition, movement, sports, sleep, social contacts and personal development. During the coaching session we will start with an analysis of your current vitality. What grades would you give these themes and why? Then we will dive in. Why are you chosing this? How is this serving you? And which steps can you

In leefstijl coaching focussen wij op het doen. Vitaliteit en leefstijl bestaat uit voeding, beweging, slaap, sociale contacten en persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Tijdens deze coachingsessie starten wij met een analyse van jouw huidige vitaliteit. Wat voor cijfers geef je deze onderwerpen en waarom? Vervolgens gaan wij er dieper op in. Waarom is dit zo? En welke stappen kun je zetten om beter voor jezelf te zorgen? Welke overtuigingen beperken je en welke versterken je?


Coaching is possible on several locations:

  • Walking in Vondelpark, Amsterdam;
  • Inside “Gym Base”, Overtoom 371, Amsterdam;
  • Online via Skype, Zoom or Teams.

Together we will decide which location works best.

Coaching process

The coaching process starts with a free intake of 60 minutes to get to know each other and your goals. Then 5 coaching sessions follow of 90 minutes. The trajectory will close off with a ceremonial goodbye session of 60 minutes.

The sessions will be scheduled with approximately 2-3 weeks in between. Within 1-2 days after the coaching session, you write a short summary and submit this by email. This way you reflect on the session and add more focus. Where focus goes, energy flows! You will also receive homework assignment to maximise your learning efficiency and personal growth. Growing by doing!

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