Do you feel like you sometimes don’t have a clue what you’re doing in your workouts? You keep doing the same exercises. And you’re not really sure if and how much you’re progressing. One day you’re motivated and focused. And the next day you can’t put yourself to it, to really do your best.

An online training program helps you to train goal oriented. The program is build up progressively, to track your progress. The exercises are tailored to your fitness level, body (antropometrics), and injuries. The program takes your available equipment into account: at home, outside or in the gym. This is your personal program.

If you chose the online program, we will start with an (online) intake, testing and measuring session of 90 minutes. We will discuss your goals, experience, challenges and practical information. Then we will test and analyse how you move. So we can make a personal exercise selection according to what your body needs. 

It is also possible to have weekly Personal Training sessions and additionally use an online training program. 

There are 2 kinds of programs:

  • Beginner to intermediate
  • Advanced

Beginner to intermediate

This program is made in the Dymphy Fit app. Each workout shows the exercises, weigths, repetitions and sets, including videos of how to do them. In your activity calendar you see which workouts are planned on specific days. After completing the workout, you and your trainer see this in the overview. You can adjust the weights, repetitions and sets if needed. All this data will be saved in the app. So you can always look this up when needed! Convenient, right?

This program is for 1-3 workouts per week for 6-8 weeks. In the meantime we keep in touch through Whatsapp. Before the start of a new program, we receive your feedback on the current program. 


You’re an advanced athlete if you’ve been working out for some time and are familiar with many exercises. You would like to have some extra focus on your technique and build up weights progressively. You’re working out 4-6 times a week. From us you will receive an Excel with the exercises, repetitions and sets. For new exercises you will receive extended video’s.

This program is for 4-6 weeks. In the meantime we keep in touch through Whatsapp. Before the start of a new program, we receive your feedback on and the data of the current program. 


The personal online program is €160, including an in between check-in. For the 90 minute intake we charge the Personal Training hour rate.

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