Olga’s ervaring:

“I met Dymphy at David Lloyd while I was exercising and she was training her client. Honestly, I was amazed by her great physique and approached her myself asking how I could get the same (LOL). I asked her for personal training classes and if she has Instagram to follow her for an everyday motivation 😉

During those classes, we worked on: nutrition, building core muscles, and overall muscle strength. Besides that, I started to go to her group classes [Booty class] as well.

A few months later, I see significant improvements in my physique. I feel confident to recommend Dymphy as a very knowledgeable and passionate trainer. She will keep you motivated and help to better understand how YOUR body could get stronger and fitter. Last but definitely not least – it is just much fun and a nice challenge to work out with her!”


Dymphy’s ervaring:

“Olga is een gedreven sporter. Ze vraagt mij altijd het hemd van mijn lijf over fitness en voeding. Ze traint consequent en is eerlijk & open over de dagelijkse uitdagingen in haar leefstijl. Hierdoor kunnen wij steeds aanpassingen maken in haar voeding en training, waar nodig. Ze heeft een periode streng op haar voeding gelet, met fantastisch resultaat! Een slank & fit lichaam en een balans tussen training, gezonde voeding en uiteten gaan.”


Olga T., Business Development Analyst