Sara’s ervaring:

I have always been training and taken care of my body shape but I never reached the status I really wanted. Since July since we have been training together I can see evident progresses on my performances, my strength and my physique. I am very happy of the progresses we made!

Another important note for me is the optimistic and positive vibe that you spread around. Also in my down days you give me the motivation and energy to work out. Keep your awesome mindset!

Dymphy’s ervaring:

Looking back on this last half year of us training together, I really noticed how Sara’s performance and aestheticsĀ have improved. During the intake she mentioned how her arms are weak and she would like to become stronger and get a fletter belly. She is now able to do Chin ups, Inverted Rows & Push ups very well and within the first 2 months she has shredded body fat and shown herself that she can get the physique she want. And the people around her noticed the body change as well.

In the meantime she became pregnant! Her body is changing and so is her energy level. Yet her mindset remains the same: happy, enthousiastic, excited and up for a challenge!


Sara, technical support ING