Zita’s ervaring:

“Dymphy knows it best!

Dymphy is the first personal trainer I met who become really personal for me. She quickly learned what I am capable of, knew me better before I did and managed to push me towards the finish line each and every time and made me believe I can do even more. So I did! Set challenges for me so we could measure where I am with becoming a fitter person.

I was always concerned about personal trainings because I never got the full attention before. Dymphy does not leave anyone out of sight for a second, always have some nice words to everyone around in the gym.

Even on my worst days a workout with her makes me feel happier, stronger, gives me confidence.

Physics and soul walks hand in hand when doing workouts, she will not let you down and ignore you when you have struggles, or have issues in your life. She is not only a trainer, but also a good listener with a hand full of questions and advice just right when you need them.

Dymphy is an absolute role model for me with her tireless energies, professionalism, and self awareness.

Did I already mention her amazing sense of humor? Meet Dymphy, and try having a good laugh while you are sweating and crying at the same time! Best times ever! Good luck!”


Dymphy’s ervaring:

Zita was zelfstandig binnen 1 jaar 10 kilo afgevallen. Samen hebben we gewerkt aan het behouden van haar huidige gewicht. Ze is nog veel sterker, sneller en fitter geworden. Ook hebben we aandacht besteed aan mindfulness en coaching. Ze heeft inmiddels een fitte leefstijl waarin ze regelmatig traint, haar lichaam voedt en geniet van een gebakje every now and then. Tijdens de training klaagt ze zogenaamd, maar eigenlijk vindt ze het heerlijk om stuk te gaan! En daar lachen wij natuurlijk veel om 😉

Zita Tarjányi, Senior Account Manager